What is for the love of the game?

For nearly three decades, Johnny K Sports wasn’t just a place to grab your gear; it was where the game came to life. It's where you’d come to get your skates sharpened and share stories of the upcoming game, last-second goals and epic saves.

Johnny K Sports was never about the skates, jersey’s and socks - it was always about the rush, the friends, and supporting the people around you.

For The Love of The Game is Johnny's way of taking that feeling from the store and spreading it everywhere. It’s about remembering why you lace up your skates – not just for the game, but for the pure thrill of it, for the high-fives, for that nod from your coach when you nail it.

Growing up, the rink was Johnny’s world, a place away from the noise, where the only thing that mattered was the game and you had a crowd of people cheering you on.

Even in the store, Johnny always knew, not everyone has someone in the crowd cheering for them. That’s why he spent his days not just selling gear, but being the guy who’s got your back. Even driving hours out of his way just to watch you play!

Over the years, we've woven heart into every bit of apparel we’ve sold, supporting players and fans alike. Because at FTLOTG, we understand the impact of having someone cheering you on in the stands, someone to share in the highs and lows, someone who stands by you, for the love of the game.

While we’re moving forward without a physical store and becoming a brand with a broader reach, our mission remains unchanged. We are here to spread the message that Johnny K has always championed – sports are more than just games; and everyone play’s better when someone is cheering in the stands.

This apparel is more than just threads and logos. It carries a message of support. When you wear this logo it's a silent cheer from the stands.

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