Why For The Love Of The Game?

The game is more than just ice, equipment and pucks. It's an escape, it's joy and connection.

Nobody knows that better than our founder Johnny K. Growing up, the rink was his place. Away from the trouble of the outside world. Somewhere he had someone cheering him on.

Unfortunately we know not everyone has someone supporting in the stands. That's why Johnny has dedicated his life being that person for so many of us.

From working in the store tying up our first set of skates, to finding the right stick or even coaching our team. Johnny has been there for a lot of us.

That's what FTLOTG is about. Everyone plays better when they've got support in the stands.

This apparel is more than just threads and logos. It carries a message of support. When you wear this logo it's a silent cheer from the stands.

For 25 years, we've put heart into every stitch. Making apparel that stands and supports players young and old. Because you never know when someone needs some support in the stands!

Support The Brand

Everyone plays better when they've got someone watching in the stands. FTLOTG is a symbol in rinks around Ontario that everyone's got someone supporting them. Whether it's house league or the big leagues.

Gaurenteed Quality

For over three decades Johnny and his team have put their blood, sweat and tears into the apparel business. They know how important quality is. Sourcing materials from the best in the game to make apparel that lasts, guaranteed.

Reliable Shipping

This is a passion project for Johnny and often you'll see him and his team dropping your apprel off at your door personally. All of this started as a local sports store 25 years ago, and it stays that way.