Check out this drop's MVP!

Why Fourth Line?

Fourth Line was Designed for all us hockey players who simply play "For the love of the Game" where skill takes a back seat and the best things we can offer are desire, heart and determination.

Quitting is not in our vocabulary! We are the ultimate team players always giving 110%. We may not know it, but we are an important piece of the puzzle.

Support The Brand

Everyone plays better when they've got someone watching in the stands. FTLOTG is a symbol in rinks around Ontario that everyone's got someone supporting them. Whether it's house league or the big leagues.

Gaurenteed Quality

For over three decades Johnny and his team have put their blood, sweat and tears into the apparel business. They know how important quality is. Sourcing materials from the best in the game to make apparel that lasts, guaranteed.

Reliable Shipping

This is a passion project for Johnny and often you'll see him and his team dropping your apprel off at your door personally. All of this started as a local sports store 25 years ago, and it stays that way.