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Johnny K
Johnny K Sports was brought to life one summer’s night back in 1996, when a great friend of mine, Bev Eckhardt, commented that my “great people skills” would serve well in the Retail world. Less than 3 months later on August 19th, the doors to Johnny K Sports were opened! After 25 years of amazing memories, Johnny K Sports is still going strong!

Although, the store’s locations and appearance may have changed over the years, the Vision I crafted back when it all started has stood the test of time.




"We are Passionate about helping people achieve their goals in the world of sports."

That Vision has been driven by four core Values my staff and I deliver to each and every one who walks through the doors at Johnny K Sports.



1. Honesty – We tell the truth and only promise what we can deliver.
2. Caring – We are passionate about more than the sale. We genuinely care about you, your interests and your goals.
3. Fun – We are an unique and fun place to shop and work.
4. Service – We exceed customer’s expectations by going the extra mile.

At Johnny K Sports, we are committed to these four core Values and will continue to do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer. We appreciate your business!


Fourth Line Hockey (est. 1999)
Fourth Line Hockey (est. 1999) – Designed for Hockey Players who Simply play “For The Love of The Game” You are an important piece of the puzzle, the team cannot move forward without you, wear Fourth Line with Pride, you deserve it!



For the Love of the Game (est. 2000)
For the Love of the Game (est. 2000) –Playing “For The Love of The Game”, in any sport, is what drives us to be our best at any level. Being active promotes healthy lifestyles and gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment. Sport is a universal language that brings us all together!



Undrafted/Unsigned (est. 2013)
Undrafted/Unsigned (est. 2013) – "A brand designed to inspire and motivate. Just because you go UNDRAFTED doesn’t mean the journey's over. The challenge has just begun!!"